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Glass Dynamics Technology balcony glass curtains in Málaga

Terrace and balcony glass curtains

We produce and install all types of terrace and balcony glass curtains, with the maximum quality and profetionality.


We build our balcony glass curtains glasses of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm thickness. the thinner glasses are used for smaller and lighter systems, but the most adecuate thickness for the cost is the 10mm, whice keep being solid and water proof even with the strong winds which are very common in the area. 

Whatever will be the thickness of the glasses, we will still always used toughend glasses with polished edges.
Polished edges: once the glass is cut to the messure needed, the sharp edge represent the fragile part of the glass, and micro fracture withihn the cut itself can grow and make a larger fracture later on in the glass. a special machine polishes all the edges, and eliminate the micro fractures.
Poughned glass: when the edges are polished, and the needed holes are made in the glass, then the piece will go slowly through a special oven with steady temperture of 700 degrees. the intense hit brings the material almost to melt, and once it goes out, sudden cold air makes it endure fast, and the molecules froms in a diferent way that makes it seven times more resistent then normal glass, and that is exactly what we want on a system that as no vertical profiles. 



– Certificate for made test for thermal durability, felxibility and fragmentation.

– Certificate of valid tests

– Certificate APPLUS, by the CE normativa.

Weight of the glass:

Thickness de 6mm: 15 kg / m²
Thickness de 8mm: 20 kg / m²
Thickness de 10mm: 25 kg / m²

Glass-Dynamics-cortina-de-cristal-tecnologiaTest of fracturing of the glass



Resistant test of the glass


seeglass one plus
seeglass eco
seeglass run


Balcony glass curtains system for big dimension, resistant and durable. very versatile, and admits many options and application.

Possible glass thickness: 8mm y 10mm.

Maximum altitude: 3200mm.

Maximum witdh of one panel: 1000mm.

Glass-Dynamics-cortina-de-cristal-seaglass-ecoBalcony glass curtains system, for small dimension. high aestetic value, and aluminum profiles reduced to the minimum.

Possible glass thickness: 6mm y 8mm.

Maximum altitude: 2000mm.

Maximum witdh of one panel: 750mm.

Glass-Dynamics-cortina-de-cristal-seaglass-runSliding glass panles with no vertical profiles. perfect solutionin cases when we would not want to invade the inner space.

Possible glass thickness: 8mm y 10mm.

Maximum altitude: 2500mm.

Maximum witdh of one panel: 900mm.

Glass-Dynamics-cortina-de-cristal-altura-y-ancho-maximoSEEGLASS ONE, 3140mm of height, installed in Estepona (Left), and SEEGLASS ONE, round closure with panels up to 985mm (Right).


Glass-Dynamics-cortina-de-cristal-plano-seeglass-oneSystem measures Seaglass One
Glass-Dynamics-cortina-de-cristal-plano-seeglass-ecoSystem measures Seaglass Eco
Glass-Dynamics-cortina-de-cristal-plano-seeglass-runSystem measures Seaglass Run



All the components of the pieces are made and fabricated of high quality materials: technical plastics, stainless steel screws, anodized aluminium.

– Certificate of aleación aluminio-magnesio-silicio


All the ball bearings weels are being resistent tested. a glass curtains enclosure of normal size, can hold easily up to 5000 cicles, of each and every one of his panels.

National and local product

All the components for our systems are fabricated and purchased in spain, being somitted to stricked quality and standart local controls.

– Certificate of product origin



Corrosion protection

The balcony glass curtains, sometimes are being exposed to very harsh enviermental conditions. We apply high quality coating to the chasis of the wheels, for them to hold 450 hours in “cámara niebla salina”, which is the equivalent of the corrosion  resistent f the stainless steel.

– Certificate QUALICOAT

– Certificate QUALANOD

CE Standard

Products which are sold within the european union should have the CE mark. which represents through specific normatives (EN), the minimum necesary needs of security, safety, durability, water proof, thermical capacity, acustics, and etc…

GLASS DYNAMICS, fabricates the SEEGLASS systems, which were exposed to all the necesary tests, for this mark.